Monday, August 7, 2017

A Canvas LMS Quiz Converted to Storyline 3

I’ve began considering more often when it is appropriate to work within the Canvas Learning Management system rather than create content in Storyline. Canvas has the advantage that pages can be updated easily similar to updating blog content. Replacing an image or adjusting text is simple. Whereas with Storyline we need to open original SL files, make adjustments, export the file, and embed to the LMS.  Therefore, a rule I’ve begun to adopt is that if content needs modification within a year I’ll likely embed it as text and images straight to Canvas. If the information or lecture material will not need updating for at least a year then Ill consider designing it to Storyline.

Here is an example of where I opted to utilize Storyline rather than work in Canvas. This started off as a self-check quiz where students answered questions about their ability to learn in an online course. Normally I would create quizzes within Canvas. It is obvious right? Scores can be easily stored to the grade book, and it is accessible to update questions. However, in this case tabulating the total score was not a primary goal, and the quiz questions will remain the same for at least a few years.

Variable data was sent from my Storyline file to Google docs
Students receive a score after they take this self-check, but as long as they answer every question then they earn 5 points. To keep track of the score I used Javasscript to send the data from Storyline to Google docs. Incidentally I learned how to do this from this excellent online tutorial presented at an eLearning conference in Seattle, and I often reference back to it.

An example of a quiz question in the Canvas LMS.
I was able to create a more elegant quiz/self-check than the Canvas LMS interface allows, and IMHO it is more responsive and user friendly. I started from a quiz template provided by eLearning Heroes. I modified it, but the base will look familiar to anyone who has seen it at the eLearning Hero site. 

The link is here if you would to take a look the self-check converted from Canvas to Storyline. Enjoy!

Here is the Storyline version of the student Self-Check

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