Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arboretum Movie

. video

Youtube Link (higher quality)

I spent some time with Liam at the Arboretum in Seattle this week. He helped a lot with the filming and he assisted with moving the camera crane. This was shot on a T2i 1080i 24fps, edited in Premiere, and the music was mixed by me in Garageband. The difficult part was the rendering time and I am still trying to figure out the best ways to render out HD and upload it without spending hours doing it. There is a visible difference in quality, but I am not convinced yet that when viewing a movie at 580x360 (for example) on the web that is worth the time to have it in HD at 100mb for a personal project. Anyways, for this version Ill stick with standard video quality.

I think this is another good test project, especially for being created in about 5 hours. Now today is a big planning day for the ghost/house movie. I expect much of the day to be spent moving furniture.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Noise

Making Noise was a short film that I produced with Louise Amandes in 2009. We couldn’t have created the film without Mike Todd and the band Phase 3. Mike and his music were the inspiration for the whole thing. Well, Making Noise is also the name of our (still unofficial) production company. It sounds good doesn’t it? Making we are yelling something new for the world to hear.

Creating films is a time consuming hobby and finally, after entering Making Noise into several festivals (and being accepted to a couple of them so far) we are well into pre-production of the next thing.

Here are a couple of storyboards from our next short film. We don’t even have a working title, but are hemming and hawing between “Stuff”, “Luggage”, “Possessions”....nothing quite jingles yet. We are shooting the film on a T2i (DSLR) and expect it to be about 6-10 minutes long. Louise and I worked on the script and the storyboards, but this is all her art and it really captures a rough free style that I hope stays with the production.

The film will take place at my grandmother’s house. My grandmother lived there for nearly 70 years until she died in 2009 at the age of 97. Unfortunately my parents will be selling the property soon (I can’t blame them a bit), but there was just too much good in the house to let it all go away that easily. This will be a rare opportunity to make use of the existing kitsch and incorporate a short story. The best part may be the actress, Peggy, who is about 85 now. She is dynamic and I look forward to working with her on the set when shooting less than two weeks.